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Queen Mary Steamer in New York

The Clyde is a magnificent river that flows through the city of Glasgow; tourists from all over the world love to go ‘doon the watter’. Here at Clyde Cruises, our river cruises down the Clyde are hugely popular. Tourists and locals alike enjoy travelling along the river, just as Glasgow’s factory workers once did when they were getting away from the city for a well-deserved break with their families.

Historic Return

The famous Queen Mary steamship, which once travelled the same route, is making a historic return to the Clyde for the first time in almost forty years. This magnificent ship was built in Scotland and was actually the last vessel of its kind to be constructed here.

It regularly travelled ‘doon the watter’, taking Glasgow residents to various resorts in Clydeside in the 1930s. During the Second World War, it served as a passenger and freight service between mainland Scotland and the islands.

Out of Service

In the 1970s, the Queen Mary was decommissioned and was sent to London to serve as a floating restaurant. However, after being purchased by a private developer in 2008, it fell into disrepair before being moved to Greenock in May 2016 for storage. There are now plans to restore it.

The Queen Mary is now set to return to its first home in Glasgow for the first time since it left in 1977. It will come back to Glasgow for added protection during the winter as Greenock is to be used for non-related commercial marine work and there are fears the ship could be damaged.


The multi-million-pound development is being funded by the charity Friends of TS Queen Mary. A new berth has been found for the vessel at Pacific Quay, and charity trustee Ian Sim said, “Glasgow Science Centre has been fantastic in offering us this berth, giving us a safe place to berth her over the winter months. We’re sure the people of Glasgow will look after her well and will be chuffed to have her back.”

The charity will continue to look for a permanent home for the ship, but it will remain in Glasgow until the early part of 2017. They are hoping to raise £2 million that will then be used to transform TS Queen Mary into an interactive exhibition and arts and culture centre.

Happy Memories

Some of Glasgow’s residents may still have happy memories of seeing the TS Queen Mary sailing up and down the Clyde in the 1930s, where it regularly sailed to destinations such as Millport, Arran, Rothesay and Dunoon.

For those who want to sail along the Clyde now, Clyde Cruises offers affordable day trips from Yorkhill Quay to Dumbarton Rock and back to Yorkhill Quay. Contact us today for more information.


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