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Whether it’s a leisurely cruise down the Caledonian Canal or dolphin spotting in Aberdeen, time and time again we feel great about putting a smile on kids’ faces.


Clyde Cruises offer a unique day out on the water for the whole family, kids, and adults alike are sure to have a great time that they will remember for years to come.

Clyde Cruises offer a wide range of cruises to suit anyone’s tastes, whether your children want to see the local wildlife, the famous lochs, or some of the historic landmarks.

The Cruise Experience

Just being on-board a cruise ship is an exciting experience. Feeling every movement of the waves, feeling the misty breeze in the air, and being so close to nature makes the whole journey memorable for both children and adults.


For many young visitors it is their first time out on a cruise ship, so Clyde Cruises makes an extra effort to make sure it is an enjoyable, comfortable, and informative experience. If you’re looking for a child-friendly Scottish cruise service, look no further than Clyde Cruises.

The Unique Scottish Wildlife

The local wildlife is one of the main kid’s attractions of the cruise experience with Clyde Cruises. See deer, dolphins, otters, puffins, sea eagles and much, much more depending on the cruise route.


Our informative on-board commentators can point out the habitats and common locations of the animals so you and the kids get the best chance of seeing them for yourselves. In our experience, kids have a fantastic time while still getting an educational experience they will remember.

Whether you’re bringing the kids for a one-hour Canal Cruise from Laggan, or taking them for a full-day Caledonian Canal cycle and sail, the experience will be one to remember.

Learn About Scotland’s History

No matter the cruise you choose, you’re sure to pass by some famous landmarks and structures that are dotted all over historic Scotland. This is a terrific opportunity for kids to learn about both Scottish history and architecture.

Children love the lively commentary on a range of different historical events, such as the Jacobite Rebellion and life in the Highlands. It’s not just the kids who can learn something new, there are plenty of interesting and little-known facts for adults to digest as well, even for the most seasoned history buff.


A cruise with Clyde Cruises is one of the best ways to get kids an effective dose of active learning. While books and writing are required when learning about the vast topic that is Scottish history, a day out seeing and hearing for themselves will compliment a child’s learning wonderfully.

An Event for the Whole Family

While an informative and relaxing cruise is a fantastic day out for kids, it’s also a great way to get the whole family doing something together for the day. A Clyde Cruises experience has something to suit everyone, making it the perfect family day out in Scotland.

Bring the family together for a cruise today, for an experience none of you will soon forget. Get in touch with Clyde Cruises today to find out how we can be a part of your next family fun day out.

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