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Four Great Reasons to Consider Boat Trips in Scotland

The lochs, rivers, and firths of Scotland offer tourists and locals alike the opportunity to explore places they have never seen before. And taking a cruise with a company such as Clyde Cruises is one of the best ways to explore, sit outside on the top deck enjoying a freshly brewed coffee whilst the scenery drifts by. If you’ve never taken one of our boat trips in Scotland before, you should put it on your list of things to do next spring and summer.

Clyde Cruises offers a number of different opportunities for boat trips in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dunoon, Fort William and Oban. You might prefer cruising out in the open waters from where you can watch for dolphins, whales and other marine life. Alternatively, you might prefer cruising closer to shore so you can explore the coastline. Whatever your preference, Clyde Cruises has the ideal itinerary for you.

Here are four great reasons to consider one of our boat trips in Scotland:

Spectacular Weddings – Dream Boat

Couples are always looking for something exciting and memorable they can do with their wedding parties in order to make the day that much more special. We can think of no other way to treat your wedding party than to book a cruise with Clyde Cruises. Join us after the ceremony for a wonderful cruise with pictures, or get married right on the boat.

Get Married On A Boat

Imagine cruising along the river past Glasgow just as the sun is setting on your special day. The skyline, with all of her lights and glitter, just drips with romance. If it’s just the two of you, book your cruise and share your special day with your fellow passengers. We are sure they would be more than happy to celebrate with you.

Educational School Trips

When it comes to educating children, nothing impresses a student’s mind more than hands-on experience. Cruising with Clyde Cruises makes it possible for you to reinforce those lessons you have learned over the winter months by taking your students out to see the wildlife first-hand. The educational opportunities presented by cruising are experiences you can never re-create inside the classroom.

We offer a number of different cruises that would be appropriate for students of various ages. Please contact us well in advance of your booking, so that we can arrange something appropriate to your age group and the things you want to show your students. We will do our best to accommodate you in whatever way we can.

Summer Holidays By Boat

England and Wales are not the only areas of the UK enjoying a resurgence of tourism. Scotland is doing very well also. Glasgow is emerging as a direct competitor to London, while the smaller resort town of Oban has always been a holiday destination for Europeans and visitors from North America.

Beautiful Scotland By Boat

If you are planning to come to Scotland on your holidays, there is so much more to who we are than just the big cities. Scotland is very much a maritime country because of our vast coastline. You haven’t seen all of Scotland until you take a cruise in some of our world-famous waters.

If you are a local who has never cruised, you owe it to yourself to see what lies just off the shores of the country. It’s one thing to see the Scottish coastline in pictures and videos, it is entirely different to see it first-hand on one of the boat trips offered by Clyde Cruises.

Something Different

Lastly, Clyde Cruises’ boat trips in Scotland offer you an opportunity to do something different. Unless you are someone who grew up with the sea, you may not have experienced any sort of maritime activities other than going to the beach for the day or enjoying some fishing. There is nothing wrong with either of those activities, but there is something unique and spectacular about being on the open water in a cruise vessel.

Glasgow boat trips

Boat cruising in Scotland represents a completely new way of looking at the abundant waters that we so often take for granted. Depending on the cruise you choose, you may be surprised by an incredible whale or a pod of dolphins. Or perhaps a cruise down one of our unique lochs will help you better understand why Scotland is so well known for this sort of terrain. It is all about getting to know Scotland. It is about getting to know a portion of Scotland that cannot be truly appreciated from land.

Clyde Cruises offers numerous boat trips in Scotland during the spring, summer, and early autumn months. Most of our cruises last between 2.5 and five hours, depending on weather conditions and itinerary. We also offer chartered vessels for a private cruise with your group. Whether you are looking to cruise with your wedding party, school group or just that special loved one, Clyde Cruises can make it happen. Contact us to arrange for your booking today.

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