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Clyde Swimmers

What better way to welcome in the New Year than with a dip in the chilly waters of the Clyde or Loch Lomond? You might think that those who do this are crazy, but this event is for charity and it takes place every year. But if you like the thoughts of being on the river as opposed to in it, then why not enjoy all the river has to offer aboard one of our Clyde river cruises? You will have fantastic views of the city as you relax on board – it’s a lot warmer than being in the river!

Yearly Tradition

An annual tradition in Scotland, on the first day of the New Year, hundreds of keen swimmers take a splash in the cold waters of the Clyde and Loch Lomond to raise money for the RNLI. At Loch Lomond, these brave individuals welcomed the new year by taking part in the New Year’s Dip at Rhu and Loch Lomond Water Ski Club’s fancy dress event; an event that actually takes place every year at Cameron House.

Taking a Dip

Two-hundred and five people braved the chilly water at Rhu, with the youngest person being just five years old. Young Manni Gillies of Dumbarton swam alongside her father Christopher in the charity event. The swimmers were provided with hot chocolate and soup when they emerged from the water, which was positively balmy at eight degrees, compared to 2016’s six. Organisers of the event have confirmed that there were around 500 in the audience and nearly £1,200 was raised for the RNLI at the event. More people took part in the similar event that took place on the Clyde River.

Unique and Exciting Day Out

If you are looking for a unique and exciting day out with family, friends or a partner, then consider one of our fabulous cruises. We offer you the chance to take in some of Scotland’s most incredible views from the rivers and lochs around the country. One of our most popular cruises is the Clyde River Cruise, which gives people an excellent view of Glasgow from the water; who knows – next year you may even witness the New Year charity swim from one of our cruises! If you would like further information or have any booking enquiries, then do not hesitate to contact us here at Clyde Cruises and we will be more than happy to assist.


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