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There are many ways to see all the beauty that Scotland, and, in particular, the Scottish Highlands has to offer; cycling and sailing are just two of them.

Many people flock to the Highlands every year just to see if what they have been told regarding the scenery is true – and it is! The Highlands has some of the most stunning and diverse landscape on the planet, and some of it will astound you.












As well as the fabulous scenery, the Highlands are full of remarkable creatures and, on top of that, there is plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure as well. If you plan to visit the Highlands for a holiday, expect to enjoy plenty of hill walks, as well as cycling and sailing.

Cycling in the Highlands

No matter where you go in the Scottish Highlands, you are bound to find a route where you can cycle and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this heaven-on-earth. Many cycling routes criss-cross the country, covering thousands of miles and being suitable for all levels of cycling; there are flat trails, routes along canal paths, and more daring cliff-top routes for adrenalin junkies.

If you are planning to cycle in the Scottish Highlands, then the National Cycle Network will provide you with plenty of information on the available routes as well as their suitability for your level.

Sailing in the Highlands

But Scotland is the ideal place to enjoy sailing as well, thanks to the extensive water system. From lochs to rivers to canals and, of course, the fabulous seas, Scotland has something to offer every budding sailor.

It is possible to hire boats during your holiday, but some people will choose to enjoy boat trips instead. The good news is that travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to boat trips in the Highlands and Scotland, in general.

Canal cruises down the Caledonian Canal are popular during the summer months and are ideal for those that want to view the stunning vista from the peaceful setting of a canal boat. The full commentary on board is also very informative, and many tourists like to learn about the various areas while slowly manoeuvring the waters of the magnificent canal.

Ocean boat trips are also very popular in Scotland, with Dolphin cruises available off the coast of Aberdeen. These trips allow tourists to head out into the North Sea in the hopes of catching a glimpse of whales, dolphins, or seals. As you can imagine, these are hugely popular with the whole family, especially the children.

Both of these cruises are available from Clyde Cruises at very competitive prices, and they are just two of the options available.

Sea Kayaking is another excellent way to get out on the waters in Scotland. One of the best ways to explore the magnificent Scottish coastline is from a kayak; this is an extremely popular activity for the entire family. Kayaking around Fort William, in particular, is wonderful because of the many opportunities to see some of Scotland’s native wildlife including seals, otters, deer, and squirrels. For fantastic kayaking adventures, Rockhopper offers a number of trips at competitive prices.

Combining the Two

A cycle and sail holiday in the Highlands is the best way to appreciate more of this beautiful location. Hiring a bicycle will enable you to see more of the Highlands while you are there and rest assured that there are routes suitable no matter how much experience you have on a bike.

As previously mentioned, a Caledonian Canal cruise is an experience not to be missed when visiting the Highlands. However, combining a canal cruise with a cycling adventure is even better. Clyde Cruises have teamed up with Rockhopper to create the ideal package for those that love cycling and sailing.

This fantastic package allows for a pleasant one-hour cruise in a comfortable canal boat complete with commentary and facilities for hot drinks and snacks onboard. After the cruise, two hours of bike, hire is available; the Caledonian Canal bike trail is ideal, as it is suitable for the whole family.

Along the route, there will be plenty of opportunities to stop, explore, and maybe take some truly spectacular photos. The flat terrain makes it ideal for less-experienced riders, and there are many routes to choose from near to the canal.

Why Visit the Highlands

Not only do the Highlands have so many opportunities for adventure and fun in terms of cycling and sailing, there are a number of hillwalking routes and other activities to keep you busy throughout the day as well.

Visitors to the Highlands could spend days exploring the beautiful landscapes full of gorgeous glens, magnificent beaches, and stunning lochs. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, is always a popular attraction, as is Loch Ness, in which the Loch Ness Monster is said to reside.

Scotland is also famous for its Scotch whisky and there are a number of distilleries in the Highlands, including the Ben Nevis Distillery, at which it is possible to take a tour and enjoy a tasting session afterwards. The Malt Whisky Trail is another favourite attraction that involves visiting eight different distilleries and a cooperage in the Speyside region. The trail is well marked, but distilleries can be visited in any order.

The Cairngorms National Park is one of the most visited locations in the Highlands and is full of ancient forests where native species can be found throughout the year. Scotland’s ‘Big 5’ when it comes to wildlife is made up of red deer, otters, red squirrels, golden eagles and seals, and a number of these are found in the Cairngorms.

When it comes to enjoyable holidays in the Highlands, cycle and sail trips are a wonderful way to see the sights. Contact Clyde Cruises for more information or to book a Cycle and Sail trip down the Caledonian Canal.

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