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European river cruises were once hugely popular as they provided perfect views of many stunning shorelines and villages, towns, and cities that could not be seen any other way. However, in recent years, the popularity of these cruises suffered a declinefor a variety ofreasons. Nevertheless, river cruises are now seeing a boom in bookings once again.

Highlighted Increase in Bookings

Almost a year after the terror attacks in Paris, the European river cruise industry is finally picking up again going into 2017. An Australian river cruise company, Scenic, which owns the Scenic and Emerald Waterways cruise lines, is just one of many river operators that have highlighted an increase in bookings for 2017 after the terrible events that took place in Europe this time last year. Joni Rein, vice president of US sales and marketing at Scenic, said “The softness that we saw in 2016, it is directly related to the terrorist activity that has taken place. We’re seeing an uptick for 2017. We’re seeing a recovery.”

River Cruise Travel Insurance

On the back of the terror attacks, river cruise operators had no other option but to wait it out until things improved. On top of this, the weather, and weather-related issueshave not helped either,with high and low water levels becoming an increasing concern. In light of this, Scenic now include river cruise travel insurance that covers all passengers for potential scenarios such as delays of more than 24 hours as well as cover against the need to be bussed for more than three hours on either side from the ship. Scenic are hoping that this will encourage even more clients to come aboard.

Overcoming Barrier

Rein added that the aim is for included coverage to assist Scenic in overcoming this barrier that is preventing them from securing potential new customers. She then described the high and low water levels as ‘a major concern that a consumer would have’.

Predictions for a comeback for river cruises are looking positive, however, despite the weather and terror issues. Steve Born, senior vice president of marketing for the Globus family of brands, said, “Over the past month, we’ve seen a dramatic spike in bookings. So, after a softer start to the season, it definitely appears we have changed the sales momentum.”

Amazing Scenery

Here at Clyde Cruises, we also provide river cruises while offering the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to Scotland to get a glimpse at some of the most amazing scenery in Scotland. From the Scottish Highlands to the Caledonian Canal, you can rest assured that you will experience stunning views on every trip.

For further information on our range of magnificent river cruises, feel free to contact us at any time, and we will be more than happy to assist.



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