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One of the many attractions of going on a Clyde Cruises day out on the water is the range of amazing creatures you may get to meet. From dolphins to puffins, there’s a wide range of sea, air, and land animals you could end up seeing in their natural habitat depending on which one of our cruises you decide to board.

Scotland’s lochs and canals are teeming with local wildlife that almost everyone loves to see and experience, from young children who have never been close to wildlife before, to experienced birdwatchers looking to spot something rare. It truly is something that can make a cruise with Clyde Cruises one to remember well into the future.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the wildlife you could meet during a day out on the water with Clyde Cruises.

In the Water

Dolphins next to boat, Oban

Naturally the water is where you’re most likely to see wildlife close up, a number of our cruises are available to customers simply because the chance of seeing animals like dolphins is very high. An example of a cruise like this is our Dolphin Adventure Cruise, a favourite among families with children who haven’t met the friendly dolphins before.

It’s not just dolphins who have the spotlight though, there’re plenty of others animals to spot in the water. Otters are a popular sight to see in some our cruises, they have been known to swim up to the side of the ship during a cruise to greet the guests sailing by, it’s a fantastic experience. You might also catch a glance at a range of different fish in the water, some species tend to leap out of the water to catch insects so they often surprise guests.

The water is full of interesting and unique creatures just waiting to be discovered, board one of our cruises today to see for yourself!

On Land


While you may not see as many land critters as you would in the water during a cruise, there is certainly still animals to be seen.

It’s not too uncommon to spot some deer if you look hard enough on some of our cruises. Deer usually eat together in groups, so if you see one deer, the chances are that there are more out there nearby.

Other animals you might see on the land are rabbits and foxes, while both are harder to spot than groups of deer or animals in the water, they’re certainly out there. Don’t think you’ll have to spend every second looking out for wildlife however, our cruise guides know the surrounding areas extremely well and know where wildlife tends to congregate.

In the Air


Of course you’ll see birds during your cruise with us, they’re commonly seen throughout the whole experience, however, looking out for the more unique birds requires more attention.

One bird to look out for, on some of our cruises in particular, is the puffin which tends to be more common on cruises nearby the sea. People often say they look out for puffins because of their unique appearance that separates them from more common birds like seagulls.

If you’re particularly interested in seeing the birds during a Clyde Cruises day out on the water, don’t forget to bring along a pair of binoculars. Not only will you be able to get a clearer look at the birds, you can also see the scenery in much more detail.

See Some Animals with Clyde Cruises Today

Cruise on board the Clyde Clipper

The wildlife can make a Clyde Cruises day out truly wonderful for guests, we hope you enjoy experiencing what nature has to offer as much as we do.

Remember that the wildlife is just one part of what makes a cruise trip a great day out to remember. You can also look forward to being on a well-maintained vessel, the feeling of being on the water, the fantastic Scottish scenery, and the informational commentary given by one of our guides.

Get in touch with Clyde Cruises today to find out how we can help you plan the perfect day out on the water, it’s guaranteed to be an experience you won’t forget.

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