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Humpback Whale & Orca

For a great day out for all the family, why not consider marine life spotting from one of our fabulous river cruises here at Clyde Cruises. A report from the Clyde Marine Mammal Project has shown that a variety of animal species passed through the Scottish waters last year; if you’re lucky, you may see some from one of our cruises.

Loved by All

Spotting marine life is always rewarding and is certainly an activity that is loved by all the family. Data that was put together by the Clyde Marine Mammal Project in 2016 showed that 1157 animals, including sharks and whales, swam through the Firth of Clyde. Members of the public reported three-hundred-and-sixty-six incidents; there were twenty sightings of a humpback whale, and two of a killer whale. The humpback whale sparked excitement as it was deemed to be one of the most significant sightings of the whole year alongside the sighting of an orca whale off the coast of Arran.

Fantastic Year

A plethora of species was spotted including baleen whales, minke whales, seals, and basking sharks. A spokesperson for the Clyde Marine Mammal Project said, “2016 was a fantastic year for spotting marine mammals on the Clyde. We had 366 reports totalling 1157 animals. The humpback whale ‘Hamish’, who appeared early in the year, helped to galvanise awareness of the project. We are encouraged by the number of porpoise and minke whales that have been sighted. It seems 2016 was not a good year for basking sharks on the Clyde but excellent to see some visiting pods of bottlenose and common dolphins. We have learned a lot and will be making some improvements to the online reporting form, which should make things easier.”

Huge Effort

Another statement from the Clyde Marine Mammal Project said: “We cannot do it without you. Please keep an eye on the water and sightings coming in 2017. A big thanks to everyone that has made a huge effort and contributed sightings over 2016. The influential sightings data you have gathered has been forwarded to relevant environmental databases and made freely available to students, research and conservation groups. The information is already helping to raise awareness and importance of the Clyde environment to mobile species.”

Booking Enquiries

If you are looking for a fun-filled day out for the whole family to enjoy, then why not consider one of our fantastic river cruises. If its marine life that interests you, then you are bound to get lucky on one of our cruises, as there will be a chance to see a huge range of animals that live in the waters. If you need more information or have any booking enquiries, contact us today, and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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