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The River Clyde flows through the busy city of Glasgow and is the second-longest river in Scotland. The Clyde is the ideal place to get great views of Glasgow.

Plans Submitted

Plans have recently been submitted for a brand new, eighteen storey hotel named ‘Style Mile’, which promises ‘stunning views of the Clyde’ if it is approved. The company that came up with the idea is Clyde Dixon Land and Property Ltd. Miriam White, a spokesperson for the company, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to create a landmark building which will bring a range of people together in a combined city/waterfront location.”

If this 150-bed hotel is approved, then it could include a ground floor restaurant, retail space below, and even a rooftop bar, which would provide even wider views of the Clyde.

Enhance the Vitality of Glasgow

Architects Stallan Brand have said that they believe this change to Glasgow’s skyline will ‘enhance the vitality’ of this beautiful city. They went on to say, “The challenge of creating a tall, iconic building which improves Glasgow’s skyline and international image is one we relish.”

Amazing Views

It is hoped that this luxurious hotel will draw in more tourists to the area. It will give more people a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of Glasgow and then relax in a comfortable hotel for the night that has fantastic views of the city and the River Clyde.

Artists impressions depict the hotel as a towering building that looms over St Enoch Square, facing the river to offer even more incredible views. It is hoped that if the hotel goes ahead, it will bring footfall from the shops and centres to the riverside.

Work could potentially start on the site in autumn 2017, with the hotel being completed by the end of 2018.

Fantastic Cruises

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