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Restaurant River Clyde Glasgow

At Clyde Cruises, we know that our selection of fantastic river cruises offer families an enjoyable day out that will provide excitement and education; this is why many families choose to hop aboard one of our cruises. A potential new sight that will capture the attention of a lot of people aboard one of our cruises along the River Clyde is a floating restaurant that could be opening on the river.


Plans to open a new floating restaurant on the River Clyde were recently submitted to the authorities, and it is sparking much excitement among Glasgow’s residents. A restaurant business in Glasgow is responsible for the application, which includes a barge that would be home to the restaurant. It would ideally be located under the Finnieston Crane, just minutes from the SECC.

Increasing Awareness

The planning statement from Clydeside Restaurants Ltd states that its “proposal has arisen from the growth in demand for new restaurants to serve the SECC and Hydro” and to “maximise the potential provided by the River Clyde by enhancing the attractiveness of the river.”

The statement continued: “The proposal also provides a return on investment for city council investment in the SECC and Hydro and adds to the attraction of this area of the city. The proposal will also increase the range of choice in quality and style of activity along the river in full accordance with the objectives of the plan. It is also relevant that the proposal will increase the awareness and the attractiveness of the Finnieston Crane and with options for future lighting around the crane.”

Booking Enquiries

For many, the potential opening of a floating restaurant is an exciting and innovative idea that would add some fun and quirkiness to the city. With Clyde Cruises, you could have the opportunity to see this restaurant if it goes ahead, along with the beautiful city of Glasgow. If you are looking for a fun-filled day out and want a bit of a change, then why not opt for one of our popular Clyde Cruises? For more information or booking enquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today; we would be more than happy to assist you further.


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