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Scottish Wildcat

The Scottish Wildcat Action is an initiative being supported by the government with the aim of saving Scotland’s extremely endangered wildcat from becoming extinct. Experts believe that less than 300 wildcats remain in the country, but these are restricted to the Highlands. They also have concerns that if wildcats continue to interbreed with domestic cats, it could result in the extinction of the wildcat in Scotland sooner rather than later.

Extremely Promising

Wildcat Haven is the independent charity that has been working on this initiative, along with a similar one in Lochaber. Director of Wildcat Haven and the current project Emily O’Donoghue is confident that creating a conservation zone in Caithness will benefit the wildcats significantly. She said, “There have always been extremely promising sightings reported in Caithness and Sutherland, but no one has ever properly surveyed it or worked there. We realised that the only chance any wildcats in the area had was for us to try and replicate the success we’ve had in Lochaber. We’re really excited as to what we might find.”

Maximum Success

The work that will take place includes free microchipping and neutering for domestic and feral cats in an attempt to prevent interbreeding and diseases spreading among the cats. The experts are hoping that partnership with local landowners will ensure maximum success. Thrumster Primary School near Wick is fully supporting the initiative, with staff and pupils alike eager to get involved. A teacher at the school, Lynsey Bremner, said, “Giving the children the hands-on experience of working with Wildcat Haven will mean that their learning is related to issues we are facing in the real world, giving it purpose.”

Booking Enquiries

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