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Ross Vernal Stag Photo

The Scottish Highlands has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and one of the best ways to see all that this part of the world has to offer is with a relaxing river cruise from Clyde Cruises. We have a range of cruises designed with the whole family in mind. Whether you want to explore the various lochs or sail down the Caledonian Canal, we have the perfect package to suit.

The Highlands are full of diverse wildlife, including Scotland’s ‘big five’ – the red squirrel, harbour seal, otter, golden eagle and the red deer. The chance to spot one of these beautiful creatures is one of the many reasons people choose a relaxing cruise – you never know, you might just capture an image one of the ‘big five’, just as amateur photographer Ross Vernal did.

Dramatic Silhouette

Ross says he could not believe how lucky he was to capture a majestic stag with the sunset in the background, creating a dramatic silhouette. Ross was driving through the Scottish Highlands when he spotted the creature.

He had been planning to take photos but never imagined he would capture something so stunning. He believes this was a ‘unique’ moment that is likely never to be repeated. He said, “I was heading up to Glen Etive to shoot some pictures anyway before this happened. I was late getting there, though, as I had lunch with some friends in Helensburgh before heading up. As fate had it, the time of day I got to Glen Etive combined with the lighting was just perfect for a photograph.”

He went on to say, “But then I drove around a corner and saw the stag just standing there in front of me. It was really amazing. I have been doing photography for quite some time now, so when I saw the stag I already had ideas in my head about the best composition for the image. I got out of the car and walked round behind the stag, and just found the perfect spot to get the stag silhouetted against the sky.”

Stunning Photograph

Ross’s photo is truly stunning, and after uploading it to Facebook, it appears that many people agree. His post has had thousands of likes along with comments praising his work. A post by Paula Stinoff read: “Astounding work, Ross. Sometimes it all comes together.”

Another, Mel Stewart, said: “Incredible shot. Thank you for sharing.”

Ross knows that the chance of ever capturing another image such as this one is unlikely. He said, “From what I’ve gathered since then, getting a picture like this is very unique. I’ve never had anything like this before. I have never even seen a sky like that in the glen before. I was just really lucky that I got there at exactly the right time.”

If you would love a chance to spot a beautiful deer in the stunning Scottish Highlands, then call us here at Clyde Cruises today. You never know what might appear on your next cruise.


  2. Photo courtesy of @ross_vernal
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