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Your visit to the West of Scotland wouldn’t be complete without exploring what Scotland’s lochs have to offer. On a Clyde Cruises loch explorer boat trip, there’s plenty to do, and even more to see.

The classic Clyde Cruiser sheltered boat will take you on a journey through the Clyde Estuary which connects to many different lochs; such as Loch Striven, The Holy Loch, and Gare Loch. The sights are a spectacle to the eye, and that combined with the observable wildlife, the comfortable interior of the boat, and the hospitality of drinks onboard, make for a fantastic day out.

The Beautiful Lochs

Of course, the main event of the Clyde Cruises ‘Explore the Lochs’ cruise is the stunning lochs themselves.

Loch Striven

The cruise offers unique views of different sights, both natural and historic:

The natural side will have you taking in the glistening waters and the mountainous landscape that the West Coast is well-known for. From rough and rocky cliff formations to smooth green hills and colourful flora, the views are often breath-taking.

The historic side of exploring the lochs range from seeing old buildings with hundreds of years of history to seeing notable locations still in use today. On your journey, you’re sure to get a terrific view of Carrick Castle, a 15th-century castle standing 64ft high. Because of the informative commentary on-board, you’ll definitely learn something new about the castle itself and what battles took place around it.

Carrick Castle

Another location you’ll likely pass by is the Royal Navy Submarine Base, one of Scotland’s functional Royal Navy Bases. Having been around since World War II, the cruise commentary will likely have much to tell you about how and why this particular Royal Navy base was built and what functions it serves.

It’s also worth noting that you could well see the local wildlife in their natural habitat during your cruise experience. Keep an eye out for dolphins, porpoises, and all kinds of different birds!

The On-Board Experience

While the lochs and sights are the main attraction on the cruise, there’s a lot to enjoy on the Clyde Cruiser boat itself. Many find they are surprised by how much the boat itself offers visitors.

Clyde Islands & Sea Lochs Home

A Clyde Cruises commentator who is an expert in the lochs and surrounding areas is always on-board to tell you all about the unique landscape, the local wildlife, and the history of the structures you’ll be passing by. This makes it a terrific experience for the whole family as the children can learn all about the West Coast of Scotland while having fun, the adults can join in on the fun and learning too.

You can have a seat in the cosy salon to warm up and have a drink if you feel like having some nice relaxation during your cruise. The stereotype on short cruise ships is that it’s going to be a cold and sometimes uncomfortable few hours, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Comfortable, dry, and warm onboard facilities are available to everyone, so you can enjoy the experience thoroughly.

Coffee, tea, and other drinks are also always available to all passengers at the onboard bar throughout the cruise. So if it’s a cold day out, you can warm up with a piping hot cup of your favourite brew.

Many short cruises don’t offer a large range of services or facilities for their passengers as they believe it won’t matter very much on a cruise that lasts only a few hours. However, Clyde Cruises believe in offering everything to the highest standard, from the big things like cruise routes and boat quality to the smaller things like comfy seating and offering hot drinks.

A Loch Exploring Experience You Won’t Soon Forget

The great thing about a cruise in the West of Scotland is that there isn’t an experience quite like it. You’re guaranteed to see things you have never seen before and learn all kinds of facts in the process.

If you’re visiting the West Coast of Scotland, be sure to book a loch explorer cruise today.

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