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afternoon teaBe among the first to join us onboard the Clyde Clipper with a bottle of prosecco and some delicious food for a truly memorable spot of afternoon tea.

Our Prosecco Afternoon Tea on the Clyde Clipper is our latest cruise package which will see you alongside your family and friends enjoying a relaxing trip down the river Clyde. You’ll be able to see the beautiful city of Glasgow from a totally new perspective while sipping on a glass of our finest prosecco. Not only that, you and your guests get to savour a range of tasty treats while bathing in the summer weather.

There’s so much to get excited about when it comes to our afternoon tea cruise, it’s guaranteed to be a truly memorable day out. Below we’ll go into a little more detail as to what there is to look forward to on the day of our unique new cruise.

A Relaxing Day Out on the River Clyde

Clyde Cruises have been taking guests out onto the river Clyde for years now, and every time is a new and special experience. Our new afternoon tea cruise, however, will push the boat out even further and bring you towards a different focus of enjoyment from our usual cruises down the river Clyde.

You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy being on the river Clyde and seeing the city go by; there is so much to see that even born and bred Glaswegians love being with us when we sail down the river Clyde! Climb aboard with your friends and family and let us make your day one to remember.

Delicious Food & Refreshing Drinks

It wouldn’t be afternoon tea without some light snacks to keep you and your guests going. From sandwiches to scones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while they relish being out on the water.

Naturally, everyone gets the option of a free glass of our best prosecco; what better way to top off your day than to be sipping a fine wine whilst sailing on the water? That’s a feeling you won’t soon forget, we promise that much.

A Limited Time Cruise Package

If this type of cruise completely matches what you want from a Scottish cruise experience, then you should definitely book up with us as soon as possible. So far we only have one date scheduled for our afternoon tea cruise and tickets are going fast.

We realise that many people have expressed great interest in our Prosecco Afternoon Tea on the Clyde Clipper cruise and hope that everyone who really wants to go gets a space.

Book Today to Avoid Disappointment

In a few weeks we’ll be setting off down the river Clyde enjoying our afternoon tea; make sure you’re here with us by booking spaces for yourself and your friends and family this July.

You can speak with one of our friendly team members in no time at all by calling us at 01475 721 281 or sending us a quick and secure email at

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