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Clyde Cruises will be continuing to offer the very best in Scottish cruise experiences throughout 2016. Whether you’re a cruise veteran or haven’t sailed with us before, let this year be the year you climb aboard one of our vessels.


We offer a fantastic range of different cruise options in a variety of beautiful areas in Scotland. From the Caledonian Canal to Glasgow’s River Clyde, Clyde cruises are there to ensure you have a fantastic time on the water.

Check out some of our popular cruise packages, they all offer the perfect day out for the whole family.

Glasgow’s River Clyde – Doon the Watter

Join us for a day out on the famous River Clyde in Glasgow. See the city sights from a totally new perspective and enjoy sailing peacefully across the waters.

You’ll get to hear a full commentary during the cruise so you can learn more and more about the Clyde’s interesting history. This cruise is perfect for almost anyone who wants to learn, relax, and take in what Glasgow has to offer.

The Caledonian Canal Cycle & Sail

Get active and jump aboard our Caledonian Canal Cycle & Sail cruise. Experience what this beautiful area has to offer, both from the water and on the relaxing but fun cycle path.

This cruise is popular for families with kids who want to get out there and do and see many different things. Whether you want to sit back and relax floating through the Caledonian Canal or explore the scenery, there’s something for everyone.

The Aberdeen Wildlife Photography Cruise

One of our earliest and unique cruise experiences, the Aberdeen Wildlife Photography Cruise will see you sailing alongside the local wildlife trying to take the perfect picture. Anyone with a camera can come aboard and enjoy a morning of wildlife photography, no prior experience required!

The talented Ian Hay from Creative Wildlife will also be onboard to help you take some amazing and unique snaps of the dolphins, birds, and more.

Explore Scotland’s Lochs

Scotland has an unbelievable array of terrific scenery which everyone should see and experience, that’s why Clyde Cruises offer the Explore the Lochs Cruise. Lochs such as those found in the Clyde Estuary are some of the most stunning natural spectacles you can find, so come aboard and we will take you there!

There’s plenty more to see as well, such as the Coulport Royal Navy Submarine Base, and the very old but charming Carrick Castle.

Book With Clyde Cruises Today

Clyde Cruises simply cannot wait to begin offering the genuine Scottish cruise experience in 2016. Our places get all booked up pretty fast, so be sure to buy your tickets and secure your places quickly this year to avoid disappointment.

See you on the water!

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