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Did you know that we offer customers the option of having their next special event upon one of our vessels? If you’re looking to make your event – such as a wedding, party or corporate social gathering – a unique one to remember, celebrate it on one of our fantastic fleet.

Get Married On A Boat

We’ve helped many people plan and enjoy their special celebrations over the years. With our experience hosting social events on the water, you can be sure your plans will go on without a hitch. It’s easy to set up as well, all you have to do is give Clyde Cruises a call and one of our team members will help you set up and plan your special day.

But before you get in touch, let’s take a look at some of the features of having your social event with us.

Spend Your Time on a First-Class Ship

Our vessels are some of the finest-looking and sturdiest ships you’ll find that you can celebrate on. We have ships that can hold as many as 250 people, so you can be sure that there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy their time comfortably. Our vessels are cleaned and maintained daily, guaranteeing both a clean and well-decorated interior and exterior.

The décor onboard is sure to please, reminding guests that they are aboard a premier ship and are attending an exclusive event.

Having a wedding ceremony on one of our ships is going to make your big day unforgettable, just ask the couples we’ve had the honour of helping tie the knot!

An Unforgettable Experience Being Out on the Water

Just the very fact that your event is going to be on the water and not inside a building will make the whole event a hit with your guests. In our experience, many people are glad to be somewhere different from the usual party venues such as pubs or clubs for a fun night.


There’s something amazing about being able to enjoy yourself with friends and family under the stars and possibly surrounded by some local wildlife. If you haven’t experienced this, it truly can be an exhilarating feeling.

Convenience is a Priority

Guests need to be able to find, join, and leave a party conveniently for an event to be a big success, especially for large social occasions. Thankfully Clyde Cruises realise this and subsequently provide convenient points across Glasgow and Aberdeen city centres for guests to board and to leave.


Naturally all of this can be easily planned when you talk to one of our team members at Clyde Cruises. We do our very best to make your events run exactly as you plan so you can have peace of mind.

Plan Your Event With Us Today

Clyde Cruises are very flexible when it comes to planning for your big occasion. By working with our event planners, we are confident that Clyde Cruises can help you deliver an event that your guests will not only enjoy, but look back on with admiration for years to come.

The Chieftan

Give us a call at 01475 721281 or email us at: to find out how we can assist you in planning your event with us.

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