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Clyde Cruises are now offering a truly unique cruise experience for those looking to snap the perfect picture of Aberdeen’s beautiful bottlenose dolphins.

Aberdeen harbour’s dolphins are notoriously difficult to get a great shot of because no quality cruise service operates early enough when the light levels are just right, until now. Clyde Cruises has teamed up with Ian Hay of Creative Wildlife to offer you the chance to climb aboard our terrific vessels very early in the morning to take all kinds of amazing pictures of Aberdeen’s dolphins.

We’re the first and only Scottish cruise service offering such as fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the local wildlife with photography in mind.

Snap the Perfect Natural Picture


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to get the perfect shot of Aberdeen’s dolphins or a hobbyist excited to take some wildlife pictures for the first time, this unique cruise experience is the one for you.

As we mentioned above, it is notoriously difficult to get good clear pictures of Scotland’s dolphins due to the time of the day that most normal Scottish cruises run. You need to be out there early in the morning when the dolphins are most active, and when light levels are perfect for taking photos by the sea.

No other Scottish cruise service is offering such an opportunity, making it the perfect time to book your wildlife photography cruise as soon as possible!

Cruise Alongside an Experienced Wildlife Photographer


One of the best parts about joining in on our unique wildlife photography cruise is that Ian Hay of Creative Wildlife will be onboard every trip.

Ian has been taking pictures of the local Scottish wildlife since around 2007 and will be able to help out everyone with their own photography during the cruise. From some expert tips on getting the perfect shot, to helping everyone get in a good position to see the dolphins, Ian will be able to help make your wildlife photography cruise one to remember.

An Exciting but Limited Opportunity


The team at Clyde Cruises are extremely excited to offer this new cruise to our array of popular cruise packages, however, spaces are limited for a number of reasons.

Our wildlife photography cruises will take place from March until May of 2016 to allow customers the best conditions for taking quality pictures. Spaces on each cruise will also be limited so that everyone aboard has enough space to take the best pictures possible, no one wants to struggle taking good pictures because there are too many other people onboard!

Book Now to Avoid Any Disappointment

This unique wildlife photography cruise is only available for a limited time, with limited spaces being made available. To avoid any disappointment we urge you to book as soon as possible in advance.

Clyde Cruises looks forward to seeing the fantastic pictures you will all be taking when our wildlife photography cruise begins this year.

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