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The Scottish Highlands is well known for its spectacular scenery, and they have become a hugely popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. Naturalist and TV producer Stephen Moss admits to spending many hours in the Highlands exploring this beautiful part of the country. He says that nature lovers visiting the Highlands will enjoy the opportunity to spot some of the UK’s rarest animals, including white-tailed eagles and red squirrels.

Rarest Animal of All

However, according to Moss, there is one creature that lives in the Highlands that most people will never catch sight of (no – not a haggis) – the Scottish wildcat. Moss said that because this creature is nocturnal, even those with keen eyes may never spot it. There is also the fact that Scottish wildcats have been cross-breeding with domestic cats, which is diluting the gene pool.

Nevertheless, those that are lucky enough to spot a Scottish wildcat are in for a treat. These beautiful animals are similar to the domestic cat but are much larger and sturdier. They have a bushier tail that has thick black rings around it.

Spotting Rare Wildlife on a River Cruise

Here at Clyde Cruises, we give visitors to Scotland the chance to see some of the most amazing scenery while scouting for rare creatures. Our cruises include river cruises along the Clyde, dolphin adventure trips from Aberdeen, and lazy cruises along the Caledonian Canal.

Our day cruises are perfect for those who want to explore all that Scotland has in terms of beauty and wildlife, and there may be ample opportunity to catch sight of Scotland’s ‘Big Five’ animals – the red squirrel, the red deer, the golden eagle, the harbour seal, and the otter.

Our cruises are suitable for the whole family and allow passengers to sit back and relax while enjoying the truly spectacular sights the Highlands have to offer.


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