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As we move through spring, getting ever closer to summer, Clyde Cruises will be offering more and more of our popular cruise packages, the perfect gift for someone’s special day.

A Scottish cruise can be a terrific surprise for a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or any other important date. Treat your friend, family member, or significant other to a lovely day on the water and have them experience the wonderful scenery and beautiful wildlife Scotland has to offer.

The feedback we receive from our valued customers means we know exactly what people enjoy most when on our vessels. According to them, some of the best parts about being on a Scottish cruise day out is the feeling of being out on the water, the breath-taking scenery, and the different animals that can make a cruise even more lively.

Enjoy a Day of Sailing

Make someone’s day one to remember by booking a unique experience like a Scottish cruise. Most people love the idea of being out on the water as it can be both relaxing and exciting at the same time.

For most people sailing isn’t an everyday occurrence, so it’s a fantastic idea for anyone looking to do something a little different on a day out. Just by booking with us quickly and easily online, you can start looking forward to the great time you’re going to have with us on our vessels.

See Scotland at its Finest

Whether lush and natural landscapes are what take your breath away or whether you prefer the awe of historic buildings and ruins, Clyde Cruises can let you see it all. Even better, if you have someone’s birthday or other important day coming up and you know they love the Scottish scenery, take them aboard one of our cruises.

We have a range of different cruises which run in different areas. Simply choose an area you want to see in all its glory and book the appropriate cruise with us, you’ll get to see it all in no time at all.

Meet the Local Wildlife

On some of our cruises, you might just spot some varieties of amazing birds, fish, and mammals. Some of our cruises are even set up with meeting the animals in mind–like our Dolphin Adventure Cruise.

If you just know your loved one will enjoy seeing dolphins, deer, otters, and more animals up close, then you simply have to book a cruise with us as soon as possible. The animals are often what bring our cruises alive for so many guests.

Book With us for a Special Day

Consider booking up with us this summer for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or any other important upcoming day. We’re sure that everyone will have a fantastic day out with us on the water.

Give Clyde Cruises a call today at 01475 721 281, our friendly team look forward to helping you plan your special day.

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