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Floating restaurant River Clyde

Take the occasion to ask any one of our staff members to describe the benefits of touring on the River Clyde, and you’ll be in for a big surprise. We could bend your ear for hours on end talking about everything the local area has to offer. We might even be willing to let you in on a little secret: a floating restaurant planned for the river is now in the works.

Various news sources began reporting in early February of plans filed by ADF Architects and Clyde Restaurants Ltd to create a floating platform with a fixed mooring that will be located almost underneath the Finnieston Crane. From its vantage point, guests could see a number of important landmarks including the Clyde Arc and SSE Hydro.

Plans also call for the floating restaurant to be able to accommodate several vessels moored directly to the platform. Plans speak of a barge, but no details on that have been forthcoming. The remaining mooring positions would theoretically be reserved for tour boats that want to pull up, tie off, and let guests dine in style.

Making the Most of the River

Glasgow City Council has the plans and is now in the process of considering them. Hopefully, the fact that the plans call for architectural features that enhance the local area will cause Council members to be a bit more receptive to the idea. From our perspective, we cannot help but think the floating restaurant would be yet another opportunity to make the most of the River Clyde.

Clyde Cruises has been working the river ever since our family’s original business opened in 1913. With more than 100 years under our belts, we have seen the River Clyde ebb and flow as a community asset depending on how much the city and its residents were willing to invest in it. We are firm believers that the river and its surrounding area have a lot to offer both local residents and tourists. We also believe we need to make the best possible use of the river as a community asset.

Understandably, the City Council has to take its time with the plans in order to make sure everything is up to standard. Assuming the plans are eventually approved, we can see a lot of potential here. The restaurant will cater mainly to land-based visitors who drive up or walk to the establishment directly from public transport. But the fact that the floating platform will have moorings for boats to tie up indicates they want to attract water traffic as well.

Imagine enjoying your dinner on a glorious summer evening with some of the city’s most iconic landmarks making up your view. That alone would make the price of the meal worthwhile. And perhaps that’s the point. They say that location is everything in the restaurant business, and the River Clyde near Finnieston Crane seems like a location that would be pretty hard to beat.


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