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The MV Rover on the River Clyde

Back in the late 1980s and early 90s, the thought of cruising up the River Clyde was not something that got a lot of media play. Despite Clyde Cruises doing very good business at the time, most people assumed that cruising was only for the wealthy. Perhaps they were correct to some degree. Most people who cruised back then did so via large ocean liners that went to faraway places with plenty of exotic adventure. Times have changed, though.

Today, cruising is no longer just for the wealthy. In fact, statistics suggest that cruising has never been more popular in Europe. A record 1.7 million travellers from the UK and Ireland alone went cruising in 2015, and the numbers for 2016 are expected to be even better when they are finally released. Only Germans cruise more often among European holidaymakers.

River Cruising Is for Everyone

You might be wondering why we chose to discuss this topic given the fact that what we do is so different from what the major cruise lines do. Well, here’s the point: river cruising is for everyone. Not only that, it always has been. One of our cruises up the River Clyde is an affordable option for getting out and seeing Glasgow and the surrounding area in a way that just cannot be experienced from a plane or car. And that’s the way it has always been on our cruises.

We cruise because we love the water and the sites that await as we drift through lochs, harbours, and the river itself. Cruising on an ocean liner is something entirely different. We aren’t against that kind of cruising, by the way, but ocean liner travel is all about the destination rather than getting there. Passengers keep themselves entertained on board between ports of call. Otherwise, they could spend days looking at nothing but ocean.

Clyde Cruises excursions don’t emphasise specific destinations. Rather, we put a strong emphasis on what can be seen and experienced along the entire journey. We see historical castles along the Scottish coastline. We watch whales and dolphins swimming in the open water. We experience all the mystery and intrigue of some of the best lochs in the country.

An Affordable Way to Enjoy the Water

It stands to reason that with millions of people now cruising, there is a need for cruises to satisfy every budget. Clyde Cruises is happy to be part of the cruising industry by offering an affordable way to see local waterways. Our cruises are priced very competitively when compared to other local attractions and activities. When compared to ocean liner cruising, there is no comparison.

Cruising is no longer just for the wealthy. It is for anyone who wants to experience water travel for leisure purposes rather than utility. Here at Clyde Cruises, we have been offering some of the best excursions in Glasgow for decades. We invite you to join us this season. Remember, cruising is for everyone.


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