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When it comes to picturesque scenery and remote locations, the Scottish Highlands has it all. This stunning part of the world is a firm favourite with visitors from all over, and millions come every year to experience the stunning views of the diverse landscapes.

As well as the beauty of the Highlands, there is so much more to see and do in the area, and with delicious food and welcoming locals, those who holiday in this beautiful part of Scotland are in for a treat.

Enjoying the Highlands on Two Wheels

The Scottish Highlands can be enjoyed by those who want to travel around by car, but the best way to enjoy the scenery is on two wheels, as cyclists Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter proved with their short video of their mountain biking trip to Scotland.

With so many fabulous bike trails in the Highlands, the pair decided to explore on a coast-to-coast adventure; their video will inspire others to do the same.

Tough Terrain

Hunter said, “What lay ahead exceeded any expectations. We were tested by the mountains and learned that the trails require complete commitment. We often found ourselves exclaiming that the roughness of the trails and the harsh landscape were the ultimate test for bike and rider.”

Hunter and Vanderham were fully prepared for the changeable weather and tough terrain of the Highland trails, with Vanderham saying, “We had read that the days would be long and the trails unforgiving. But that did not do justice to the chess game we were about to play with the trails of Scotland. We spun our wheels through soft peat bogs and up steep climbs, descended the other side until we couldn’t hold the bars anymore and finished rides in the dark.”

A Cycle Cruise

While some of the Highland cycle trails are designed to test the most experienced cyclists, there are many intended with the beginner in mind. Cycle cruises are an excellent way to see more of the Scottish Highlands, and here at Clyde Cruises, our Cycle and Sail cruise along the Caledonian Canal is one of the most popular cruises we offer.

This fantastic cruise combines a cruise down the canal with a cycle hire package and is ideal for the whole family. With flat, safe cycle paths to suit cyclists of all ability, this cruise is perfect for adults and children alike and is one of the best ways to see the stunning scenery surrounding the canal.

For more information on the Cycle & Sail cruise, or for details on any of our other great day cruises, contact us here at Clyde Cruises today.


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